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Xfinity Hearthstone Pick'em Bracket

Predictions are no longer being accepted!

Enjoy the event!


Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in the Pick’Em Bracket

How do I join?

You must register an account on the Invitational website to join the challenge. (The bracket challenge is only open to US residents)


The tournament is slated to start on April 4th and end on April 5th 2015. Your predictions must be set by April 3rd to be included in the challenge.

Prize Pool

The prize pool for the Pick’Em Bracket is $10,000 USD.

What if multiple people win?

If multiple people correctly guess the entire bracket, the prize pool will be shared evenly between all winners.

What if no one wins?

If no one is able to correctly predict the bracket, the prediction prize pool is not paid out.

When can I share my predictions?

The website will be updated when the brackets are released so you may easily share your predictions via social media.

How long will the games last each day?

We estimate each day the matches will last 6 - 8 hours.